Based in Stockholm, Eva Gernandt is a ceramist, an artist, a designer and the founder of By Mutti. Her pieces are inspired by the ocean – especially the marine history in her region – and by the old-school sailors tattoos. Eva used to sail, to build boats and to work with fishermen. Her work refers to traditional codes but the result is surprisingly contemporary. It reflects Eva’s rich personality.

Can you please introduce yourself ?

My name is Eva Gernandt. I am a Swedish female artist living in Stockholm.
I am a ceramist, artist and designer, also an educated journalist.

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How would you define your universe?

My universe is a gathering of the symbols of human thoughts and beliefs in the forms of patterns. It is comparable with a great spiritual internet. I have always loved to find the connections between cultures,. My universe is located at shores, or on the Sea….

The by Mutti brand is a fusion between the Old School tradition of the Sailor Tattoos that sprang from the long sailing voyages over the Seven Seas from Europe to China. The ships passed and stayed in Polynesia were the art of tattooing was learnt, and transformed to western symbols.

© ByMutti. SIte L’Envers du Décor

When and how have you decided to launch your activity?

I decided to launch the porcelain brand ”by Mutti” 2011, after many years of working with hand thrown items. I wanted to create a tableware with this idea of the tattoos. And also our historical heritage of the sailingships that roamed the Seven Seas and opened the World.

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What is your background (studies, former activity)?

My background as an artist is colorful. My mother was a talented and inspiring artist. I was educated as an ceramist by my uncle, Gert Grove who was a great and famous sculptor and ceramist in Germany.

I have worked in my own workshops for many years and have exhibited my work i galleries in Scandinavia. For some years when my children were small I worked with murals and interior design.

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How did this passion start?

My passion for the ceramist proffession started at a very early age, visiting a ceramist friend of my parents. I fell in love with the workshop and this bearded man with a golden ring in his ear. I volunteered for many summers doing whatever in the workshop just for being allowed to hang around.

When have you created your first piece and what was it?

My first piece of art,( apart from various flower arrangments,) was probably a small horse head.

I was clearly inspired by an artist friend of my mother who created the most marvelous horse heads. I remember the impact her work had on me, only seven years old.

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How does your creative process work (moodboard, sketches…)?

My creative process is like a sudden infusion. I get a spark of an idea, can not let go, my mind takes over and chews on it by its own will. I start to research, sketch and let the process grow. I collect pieces of inspiration. The moodboards grow out of the material rather than the other way around.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration always come from the Sea, the nature and life close to it. It is endless.. It is magical, I am just happy to be around this marvel for a time…..

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Photos : © ByMutti. Photographies fournies par Eva Gernandt et publiées avec son autorisation.