Marion Bonraisin, based in Nantes (France), passionate about contemporary art and crafts since childhood.

After a degree in languages and international trade, I travelled in Europe and did an internship at the Fondazione per la Cultura, in Genoa (Italy). An emerging passion for contemporary art and the management of cultural events has been confirmed when I assisted to exhibitions installations and when I became a one day translator for the wonderful actress Darina Al-Joundi. After this event, I devoted myself to the management of cultural events.

After a Master in cultural mediation and management of events, I did an internship at Melanie Rio’s gallery in Nantes. Then, I joined Hervé Mikaeloff’s team within HM Conseils’s company from the end of 2011 to the beginning of 2016, as an exhibition project manager. I was also a freelance writer and assistant of the creative director for L’Officiel Art Magazine, in 2014. I have worked on international projects such as : the Photography Competition of The Royal Monceau (2012), Miss Dior exhibition (2012-2015), the Pavilion of Azerbaijan at the 55th Venice Art Biennale (2015), the Hennessy 250 Tour (2015). I joined Le troisième pôle as a communication manager for Les Ateliers de Rennes – Contemporary Art Biennale, from January 2018 to January 2019. I also assist designers in their brand management and communication.

During these different missions, I have had the opportunity to follow artworks productions and to visit artists studios. I have always liked to discover the inner workings of the arts and crafts. Discovering a workshop is always a privilege.

In 2015, supported by my friends, I decided to launch L’Envers du Décor (Behind the Scenes). The purpose is to meet passionate designers, craftsmen.women and artists, to tell their story, to learn more about their challenges and share a moment with them around their activity to show their work process. I quickly realized few websites were dedicated to these questions and it encouraged me to continue.

Designers, craftsmen.women and artists mostly only show their pieces but the beauty of their work is also in their universe, questions, drawings and gestures.

Each interview is divided in 3 parts :

1/3 : Introduction
2/3 : Know-how
3/3 : Projects & References

I hope you and the persons who shared their story will like these interviews.

Special thanks : Carl and Raphaël for their help, my family and friends for their enthusiasm, Juliette & Olivia who were the first designers to trust me!

I translate each interview by myself so please be indulgent, I do my best but as you can already notice, I am not a translator 🙂

Have a good read!


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