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Under the sun of Biarritz, Charlotte expands research, reads, scans, prints and cut microscopic forms to improve her three-dimensional pieces. Let’s meet her in her stronghold.


Where do you work?

In Biarritz, I got back to the fabulous South-West of France, at last.


What is your favorite tool?

The exacto knife to cut over and over. I should fix it to my finger.



Because I cut paper, it is the only tool required.


Which tools do you mostly use?

An exacto knife, to cut images. A plier to cut piano wires on which I stick the images. Then, super glue only, no other glue. I also use a plier to manipulate the microscopic elements that I stick and laminate. Finally, I use cardboard and tissue paper to create basis.

blog créateur charlotte bourrus moodboard ateliers lenvers du décor

Which materials do you mostly use and why?

All kinds of paper. From the thinest paperweight to the maxi cardboard.

blog créateur charlotte chab atelier carte lenvers du décor

How do you choose your raw materials?

It is often the same ones and I choose quality materials. For example, regarding cardboard, I drive kilometers to find Canson paper because the other papers are glossy, with a terrible foam…However, its price increased a lot, it becomes a luxury to work with it.

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How does your creative process?

Everything comes from a map. Then, I accumulate images related to the area. I collect things, I find, I scan, I read, I take pictures…everything is registered on my computer and I print it.

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Which tool or material would you like to have in unlimited quantities?

All my elements, already pre-cut, in large volume.

blog créateur moodboard charlotte chab lenvers du décor

What are the main qualities to do your job?

I do advanced research about each country, each town…so you need to be able to use your brain, to be patient to cut 58 palm trees and to be creative to imagine an interesting graphic board.

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Photos : @boulrostan, @maxdevanlay, @clairesaucaz. Photographs provided by Charlotte Bourrus and published with her approval.