To conclude this interview, Dana tells us more details about her inspiration and her challenges.

Are you inspired by artists?

Constantin Brâncusi, Adolf Loos, Carlos Scarpa and many others…I am not marvelled by artists, my tastes are always changing.

What are the 2 main qualities to do your job?

Courage and endurance!

© BigStuffed. SIte L'Envers du Décor

What would you advise to a new designer?

To create again and always, to forge ahead. And, above all, not to be afraid of failure, to get up after a fall and to  keep believing, tirelessly.

What is challenging in your job?

To be unique. To stand out among a host of pretty things, it is a real challenge.

© BigStuffed. SIte L'Envers du Décor

What is the most rewarding thing in your job?

To do what I like and what I have chosen. And, above all, the love of new families who adopt my plushes.

Why this job and not another?

That’s how it is, that’s the destiny.

What are your projects?

A new collection and the prospect of  growing BigStuffed, my small company. I am always looking for potential collaborations with artists or brands I love.

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Thank you Dana!

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