Marion Colasse – Know-how (2/3)

Marion Colasse is a curious person. She chooses her materials and technique according to her daily mood. Marion experiments, changes her approach and uses different materials to constantly improve her work. Her search of novelty and discovery guides her daily work. She welcomes us in her workshop.

Where do you work ?

I work in my workshop in Ivry-sur-Seine.

What is your favourite tool ? Why ?

I don’t have a favourite tool because I always use a different technique. That’s what I like, experimenting everything, not being specialised.

What is your favourite technique ?

I am always looking for new things, my techniques are different. The metal shaping and the research of new crimping techniques represent a huge part of my work but it is often related to materials.

Which materials do you mostly use ? Which ones do you prefer ?

I mostly use metal, brass and silver, that I can associate with concrete, slate or glass recently. Metal is comforting, contrary to synthetic materials with whom I started (resin, silicone, plexiglas…). It lasts, it is solid, stable. With the same piece of metal, we can have a foil or completely raw aspect. No matter what we see, it remains the same.

Is there a technique you never tried that interests you ? 

Since my last stay in Limoges, I would like to test ceramic, I am tempted.établi

How do you choose raw materials ?

Concerning metal, I have specialised suppliers in Paris. Concerning other materials, I collect them, I gather metal scraps from other artists, I find them, I rummage.

What does a usual day look like ?

I arrive at my workshop in the morning, I clean my bench, I turn on the music and I start to work. I often make two jewels at the same time. When the first one is cooling down, I work on the other one. It allows me to save time but mainly not getting bored of a piece.

What other job could attract you ?

I wanted to make movie or theatre set but it was before I discover jewellery !

Photos : © Martin-Oger Daguerre, © Louise George. Cover : © Louise George. Photographs provided by Marion Colasse and published with her approval.