Marion Colasse is an artist jeweller who learned codes to better deconstruct them. Early on, she has been attracted by sculpture, the body has become a medium on which she could test ideas. Her jewels are raw, intuitive and contemporary. When you observe them, you imagine the research and experiments phases. Marion tends to control materials but also accepts, sometimes, to be amazed by the result!

© Martin-Oger Daguerre

Can you please briefly introduce yourself ?

My name is Marion, I am 26, I am an artist jeweller.

How would you define your universe ?

My universe is a mix of symbols and contrasts. It uses codes and diverts them while opposing raw to precious, structure to irregularity.

© Louise George

When have you decided to launch your activity ? How did you realize you wanted to do this job ?

I had the opportunity to launch a workshop I share with two friends from my school, during the summer after my graduation. Therefore, I have beeen working in my workshop, in Ivry-sur-Seine, for almost four years. Starting my own business was obvious. After some jobs in different companies, I realized I was not able to work for someone else, at least, most of the time. Despite difficulties, I  could not work anymore without freedom and time to create.

© Louise George

What is your background ?

I studied during five years in applied arts at Olivier de Serres, in Paris. I was first interested in in SFX make up, I obtained a first diploma in arts and crafts specialized in sculpture on synthetic materials, where I learnedmoulding, shaping, sculpture techniques, etc. My passion for jewellery started during my studies, when I made a collection of adornments. I have always been focusing on scultpture but I was missing a medium, the body. Learning techniques about metal during a second diploma in arts and crafts was obvious.

© Louise George

Have you always been attracted by creation ?

I have been drawing and painting since my early childhood, I have always had extracurricular activities in the art field, I have never considered to do something else in my life !

Your work is divided between jewels and contemporary jewels ? Can you please explain how you consider these two activities ?

I try to blur this inclination to prioritize or to categorize what is just creation. My jewels are never meaningless. Whichever the concept I have in mind, they simply reflech different moments of my life, different events I made them for.

© Louise George

When have you created your first piece ? What was this piece ?

I absolutely could not tell you !

What is your usual creative process ?

I often draw but I also experiment, it depends on my state of mind at the time ! When I am lacking in inspiration, I visit exhibitions, not necessarily art exhibitions but they always involve objects, scientific museums for instance. If art is too obvious, it can stop me because I would have the feeling to imitate. When it happens, I am very rigorous with myself !

© Louise George

Where does your inspiration come from ?

My inspiration comes from classic jewelry, traditional and European, its conventions and symbols. I can also add everything that surrounds me, architecture, materials, everyday objects…

© Louise George

Photos : © Martin-Oger Daguerre, © Louise George. Cover : © Louise George. Photographs provided by Marion Colasse and published with her approval.